• The Shins Are Returning to Play at the Orpheum

  • Shows of the Night: Friday, May 20th

  • Yard Act Will Be Playing at the Teragram Ballroom

  • Contest: Charlie Hickey at the Troubadour

  • Shows of the Night: Thursday, May 19th

  • Kendrick Lamar Has Shows at Arena

  • Shows of the Night: Wednesday, May 18th

  • Primavera Sound Los Angeles Adds More Acts

  • Crooked Colours to Play at the Fonda Theatre

  • Tiger Army Octoberflame XI at HOB Anaheim

  • Contest: Ericdoa at Echoplex

  • Shows of the Night: Tuesday, May 17th

  • Death Cab For Cutie Live at the Greek Theatre

  • Alec Benjamin to Play at the Hollywood Palladium

  • Contest: Limp Bizkit at Toyota Arena

  • Kevin Garrett Has a Show at the Hotel Cafe

  • Gorillaz Schedule a Show at the Kia Forum

  • Jamie XX to Headline the Hollywood Bowl

  • Contest: Girl Named Tom at the Troubadour

  • Shows of the Night: Monday, May 16th

  • Shows of the Night: Thursday, May 12th

  • Los Bitchos Will Also Be Playing at the Alibi

  • Shows of the Night: Wednesday, May 11th

  • Fred Again..: Three Shows at Hollywood Forever

  • Shows of the Night: Tuesday, May 10th

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    agree. saw them in LA at the fonda and felt exactly the same. Datarock were definately better.


    oh maaaaan hardcore, you were in pain writing this huh? dont blame you ladytron is a hit or miss.
    at least they weren't in the dark.


    lol @ the person who wrote this.


    r u laughing at me???? why so?


    I felt just like you seeing Ladytron. I love dancing to them in clubs but seeing them live was painful. I never realized how repetitve their songs are. Anyone could have been standing on the stage lip syncing to their songs and it would have been the same.


    Hey goddammit. Don't be laughin' at Mychelle. I don't wanna hafta hurt you.


    Awww, Candice has got my back. How sweet....


    Every show regardless of the artist is different by city. I had fun at Ladytron @ H&H. Maybe The Fonda wasn't so fun this time around but The Vic in Chicago sounded like it was. All I know is you're getting a kidney punch when I see you at The El Rey Eden, lol


    Ok, you started your article stating that these are two very different bands and that you were sad to report that things didn't go so smoothly. To me, that's all you had to say. Instead, your entire article is an extension of that statement. Basically, it's repetitive. You write in a way in which you already know what to expect but then you criticize the band for it and make them look bad. Like this right here..."Ladytron isn't known for their sense of humor or jovial mood" and then you complain about how "Mira and Helen looked bored and sour". It's like complaining about the color black being BLACK...what did you expect? Lol. It's not a matter of pondering which band you like more...We both know that Ladytron is one of the best electronic bands out there and that Datarock is a good band too. See, the problem is that you FOCUSED on the wrong thing. You should've focused on one band only (most likely the headliner since they do have a new cd out).
    That way you could've smoothly inserted your comments about how the pairing didn't go so smoothly, how much you thought the drummer sucked, how you thought the band was repetitive, talked about the new songs live and whether they sounded better on track or live...etc. etc. etc.

    I don't mean to come off rude or something...I'm a nice guy. However, that doesn't mean I can't criticize.


    oh man you just criticized mychelle peterson, dude sleep with one eye open.
    anyhow, she gets to write what she wants.



    Yeah, but I think there's a difference between being dark (not jovial, somewhat pensive) and being unengaging (sour and bored).


    what does my dad say.... hmm... opinions are like assholes? everyone has one, and some stink.

    but yeah, think what you like. i can take it. that's why it's a review -- it's my opinion and my feelings on the night. and that's how i chose to frame it. the rest of the world is free to disagree (and yet the other comments support exactly what i said).

    perhaps you could write something better, and i can retire my repetitive and poorly focused writing.


    yeah, the other comments agree because they are obviously your friends. anyways, you can choose to frame it anyway you want because yeah, it's your review but there is a line where you have to stop and think and ask whether it's actually going to be presentable to the scenestars audience. if anyone has to write something's you not me. it would be good practice for you.
    we'll leave it at that.


    i don't know L and i don't know EllaBlue. i have no friends.

    and i'll leave it at that too.


    well maybe if ladytron played better that night...


    Whoa, this is turning nasty ;) I don't know Mychelle, although I'd like to get to know anyone who goes to as many concerts as I do.

    So, yeah, the show at the Fonda finished at around 12:30am with the last song being "Destroy..." The light show was good. I like Ladytron, don't get me wrong, but the girls just seemed unengaged. There was a good 20-25min where I was like, "when is this going to end? I'm tired." Maybe there's something wrong with me ...


    Yeah, i felt the same way too for the fonda show. it was probably one of my least favorite times i've seen them.


    Hahaha. I like your comment L. I think it's a sign of age. :)


    You should see Eden's old MySpace default Char. Hee hee. Anyways, I'm still going to give you a wet willie next time I see you Mr Eden. The Ladytron afterparty after the Fonda was good. They had plenty of engagement and energy there. Good times.


    somebody told me the writer quit. i hope not.


    Don't be a douche Eden.


    I don't think the writer quit. She is made of better stuff than that. I think she recognizes that people have different opinions, but as one commenter (eden)seemed to try to be pointing out, sometimes people elaborate to make a point. Eden did the same thing.

    Enjoy your life. Criticize people who do what you can't or won't to make yourself feel good about yourself. If you can do better, the only thing holding you back is fear of failure. Go for it Spanky.

    and "hey" paulag. :^)


    There's a difference between criticism and *constructive* criticism. One is useful, the other is not.

    But even so, what you started out with on here can be considered NEITHER of the two.
    When you post some shit like, "LOL @ whoever wrote this", it's painfully apparent that you're just a typical internet douchebag trying to start a flame war.

    Your comments here served no purpose other than trying to piss people off.

    Get a life. Seriously.


    You're review sounds exactly how I felt when I first saw Ladytron live on their 604 tour. I saw them at the Fonda in LA. I have seen them live every time they have come to LA and I have to say they have gotten WAY better since then! I was able to catch a show in Solana Beach, CA and I have to say that was the only performance where they were in best form. They were interacting with the crowd and looked excited to be playing. Maybe its hit or miss with them.

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